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1.An Investigation of Physical Activity in Women and Barriers to Physical Activity
Gülpınar Aslan
doi: 10.14744/jern.2022.22316  Page 

2.Biopsychosocial Problems and Coping Methods of Nurses During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Descriptive and Cross-Sectional Study
Emel Bahadır Yılmaz, Arzu Yüksel
doi: 10.14744/jern.20212.22382  Page 

3.Blood Pressure Measurement Skills with Self-instruction Video in Nursing Students’ Distance Education and Influencing Factors
Şenay Takmak, Müzelfe Bıyık
doi: 10.14744/jern.2023.22375  Page 

4.Comparison of the Prone Position-related Characteristics of Intubated COVID-19 Patients with and without Facial Pressure Injuries
Ayda Kebapçı, Berrin Çepni
doi: 10.14744/jern.2022.22273  Page 

5.Comparison of the Toilet Training Features between Children with Normal Development and Children with Down Syndrome at the Ages of 3–6 Years
Vahide Özdemir, Hatice Yıldırım Sarı
doi: 10.14744/jern.2022.21280  Page 

6.Determination of Anxiety Level and Psychological Well-being of Undergraduate Nursing Students during COVID-19 Pandemic
Igho Oluku, Ayşegül Savaşan
doi: 10.14744/jern.2023.22395  Page 

7.Effectiveness of Hybrid Simulation in Developing Intramuscular Injection Skills: A Randomized Clinical Trial
Arife Şanlıalp Zeyrek, Nevin Kuzu Kurban
doi: 10.14744/jern.2022.22373  Page 

8.Pediatric Delirium Knowledge and Attitudes of Nurses in the Intensive Care Unit
İlçim Ercan, Evrim Kızıler
doi: 10.14744/jern.2023.22449  Page 

9.Psychometric Properties of the Turkish Version of the Self-Regulated Learning Scale in Clinical Nursing Practice
Aydan Baysan, Fatma Orgun
doi: 10.14744/jern.2023.22533  Page 

10.The Effect of Touching the Sole of the Infant’s Foot on Starting Times of Sucking and Sucking Efficiency: A Randomized Controlled Study
Safiye Ağapınar Şahin, Sibel Öztürk, Nazlı Akar
doi: 10.14744/jern.2022.22390  Page 

11.The Impact of Using the Wound Care Escape Room as a Teaching Game on the Opinions and Motivation of Nursing Students
Gülden Küçükakça Çelik, Kübra Türkmen, Fadime Ertural, Gamze Odabaşı
doi: 10.14744/jern.2022.2237  Page 

12.The Relationship between Critical Thinking Skills and Caregiving Roles of Nurses
Anita Karaca, Gizem Kaya, Leyla Kaya
doi: 10.14744/jern.2023.22354  Page 

13.The Relationship between Pre-clinical Practice Anxiety and Coronavirus Anxiety of Nursing Students in Türkiye
Afife Yurttaş, Merdiye Şendir, Demet İnangil, Ayşe Kabuk, İlayda Türkoğlu
doi: 10.14744/jern.2022.22380  Page 

14.Postoperative Delirium and Evidence-Based Nursing Management in Geriatric Patients
Gamze Bozkul, Hande Nur Arslan, Sevilay Şenol Çelik
doi: 10.14744/jern.2021.21262  Page 

15.Mobile Application for Remote Patient Education and Follow-up for the Prevention of Diabetic Foot: M-DAKBAS
Meryem Kılıç, Ayişe Karadağ
doi: 10.14744/jern.2021.21285  Page 

16.The Role of Nurses in Preparing Mothers of Premature Infants for Discharge and Home Care
Rukiye Çelik, Naime Altay
doi: 10.14744/jern.2023.22480  Page 

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