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Relaxation-Focused Nursing Program for Women with Adnexal Mass in the Preoperative Period [J Educ Res Nurs]
J Educ Res Nurs. 2023; 20(1): 71-79 | DOI: 10.5152/jern.2023.80912

Relaxation-Focused Nursing Program for Women with Adnexal Mass in the Preoperative Period

Samiye Mete, Buse Guler
Department of Gynecology and Obsteterics Nursing, Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Nursing, İzmir, Turkey

Adnexal masses, mostly benign, carry the risk of ovarian cancer in the postmenopausal period. The masses give late symptoms, and the definitive diagnosis is determined by surgery. For this reason, patients experience psychological problems such as anxiety and depression due to uncertainty in the diagnosis and treatment process, the burden of symptoms, the suspicion of cancer, and the lack of knowledge about the procedures to be performed. Relaxation-focused nursing program that will be applied to women in the preoperative period can contribute to the solution of these problems. Relaxation-focused nursing program includes Lazarus' methods of dealing with stress, giving information and using relaxation exercises, to create a positive language and environment, to reduce anxiety. The program was developed by 2 academic nurses who are experienced in obstetrics and gynecology nursing and have hypnosis certification. As a result of the experience of the authors, literature review, and their academic research, it has been shown that the relaxation-focused nursing program used in patients diagnosed with adnexal mass is effective in reducing preoperative anxiety and pain and increasing the level of knowledge. This article explains the relaxation-focused nursing program and how it can be used during the preoperative period for women with adnexal mass/ovarian cancer. The program can be practiced safely as it does not require costs and has no side effects. It was aimed to reduce anxiety and pain because of the practice of this program in preoperative period in patients hospitalized with a diagnosis of an adnexal mass.

Keywords: Anxiety, ovarian cancer, ovarian cysts, preoperative care, relaxation techniques, stress.

Samiye Mete, Buse Guler. Relaxation-Focused Nursing Program for Women with Adnexal Mass in the Preoperative Period. J Educ Res Nurs. 2023; 20(1): 71-79

Corresponding Author: Buse Guler
Manuscript Language: English

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