Journal of Education and
Research in Nursing

Use of Traditional and Complementary Medicine Methods in Children: Is It Effective and Safe?


Department of Nursing, Düzce University Faculty of Health Sciences, Düzce, Turkey

Journal of Education and Research in Nursing 2022; 19: 456-465
DOI: 10.5152/jern.2022.47704
Read: 101 Downloads: 57 Published: 01 December 2022

In recent years, the use of traditional and complementary medicine methods has gained significant importance worldwide. It is seen that the use of these methods in children is also very widespread. The most commonly used methods in children and adolescents are biological based treatments, mind–body interventions, and manipulative and body-based approaches. The evidence-based nature of these methods used by the parents is of critical importance. Since nurses are the healthcare professionals who work closest to the children, adolescents, and society, they have important tasks and responsibilities for efficient, reliable, and proper use of applications. In this study, it was aimed to discuss their usage rates, the roles of nurses, and the appropriate and effective use of them by examining the concept of traditional and complementary medicine.

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