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Using Simulation in Nursing Education: A Review on Postgraduate Theses in Turkey


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Journal of Education and Research in Nursing 2020; 17: 139-147
DOI: 10.5222/HEAD.2020.37074
Read: 539 Downloads: 293 Published: 01 November 2020

INTRODUCTION: This study was performed to investigate of the postgraduate thesis that evaluated the use of simulation in nursing education in Turkey. 
METHODS: Study population consisted studies which were review in the databases "National Thesis Center of the Council of Higher Education" using the keywords "simulation", "standard patient" "simulator", and "scenario" in April-May 2019. In the review, master’s theses and doctoral dissertations without the date range evaluated the use of simulation in nursing education were chosen for examinations. 10 master’s theses and 18 doctoral dissertations meeting criteria of the research from this thesis were included in the sample. In the analysis of the data, the type of the thesis, year, aim, department, characteristics and size of sample, data collection tools and method, findings and results were summarized.
RESULTS: The number of postgraduate thesis using of simulation in nursing education has increased rapidly (92.9%) in the last 5 years. In addition, it was determined that postgraduate theses were mostly carried out in fundamental nursing (50.0%) and obstetrics and gynecology nursing departments (21.4%), more than half of them were experimental/quasi-experimental design study (64.3%),sample of most of them were composed of nursing students (85.7%) and mostly (35.7%) examined together with effect on "cognitive (knowledge), affective (attitudes and behaviors) and psychomotor (skills) domains of learning".
DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION: The use of simulation in nursing education is increased in the last 5 years, but not at a sufficient level. In this context, it is suggested to commonize of simulation-based education and to conduct further randomized controlled intervention study to provide evidence. 

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