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Turkish Validity and Reliability of Body Image after Breast Cancer Questionnaire


Fatsa State Hospital, Ordu, Turkey


Department of Surgical Nursing, University of Health Sciences Hamidiye Faculty of Nursing, İstanbul, Turkey

Journal of Education and Research in Nursing 2022; 19: 182-190
DOI: 10.5152/jern.2021.56578
Read: 162 Downloads: 26 Published: 01 June 2022

Background: The surgical treatment of breast cancer has a negative impact on body ımage. Identification of body image concerns is key to enable appropriate management. Therefore, there is a need for a valid and reliable instrument for evaluating the body image of patients. This study aimed to adapt the Body Image after Breast Cancer Questionnaire for Turkish women with breast cancer.

Methods: It was carried out at a hospital in Istanbul with 500 breast cancer patients. Language, content, construct validity, and test-retest reliability of scale were examined. Factor analysis, Cronbach α, and correlation analysis were used to evaluate the data.

Results: In this study, expert opinion was obtained after the translation was made. There was a concistency between the opinions of the experts regarding the items in the scale. The content validity index of the scale was calculated as 0.93. In the confirmatory factor analysis, the factor loads of the items were explained that 50.58% of the total variance. The overall Cronbach α reliability coefficient of the scale was .672, and the sub-dimension Cronbach α coefficients were between .618 and .841. The correlation coefficient of the scale between test and retest was.912 (P < .001). Confirmatory Factor Analysis results showed that the factor structure of the adapted scale was compatible with the six-factor model of the original scale. It was confirmed that the scale consists of 6 sub-dimensions: “vulnerabil- ity, body stigma, limitations, body concerns, transparency and arm concerns.”

Conclusions: The findings of the study showed that the Turkish version of the Body Image Breast Cancer Questionnaire’s validity and reliability were acceptable.

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