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The Truth Of Child Marriage In A Social Context: Responsibility Of Nurse And Midwife


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Journal of Education and Research in Nursing 2014; 11: 3-10
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Although decreasing gradually in the world,child marriages still keep their importance.In the world,child marriages have been found to be much higher among female children as compared to males.According to the law,each individual under the age of 18 is a child,and each girl married under this age is recognized as a child bride.This marriages have done along the self interests of the girl parents and families who the girl went to.Early marriage affects the entire life of a girl.Some of these negative effects include taking the responsibility of a family and children at a young age,leaving education,not having a profession,economic dependency and being ignored and seen asunworthy in the family.The biggest problematic area about early marriages is seen in the reproductive health.Forced marriage without girl’s consent,responding a man's sexual desire at an older age maybe at her father’s agewhich is considered as a rape,lack of knowledge about preventionof pregnancy,adolescent pregnancies and their risks for the mother-fetus and newborn,risk for sexually transmitted increased infections,frequent pregnancies and births in high numbers,and so on problems.Governments and non-governmental organizations have very important responsibilities in the context of international laws for the prevention of these marriages.It is important for the nurses and midwives who provide health care services to analyze the causes and consequences of child marriages and to organize the care and social support services in the scope of their traditional and contemporary roles.Parents’and families’efforts for hiding child marriages and pregnancies because of the legal consequences of such marriages make it difficult to specify the problem and reach these groups.Nurses and midwives,who are within the society and gain their trust,can be quide for the parents raising awareness of young people and parents about the prevention of marriages and pregnancies at early ages.

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