Journal of Education and
Research in Nursing
Review - Diğer

The Transformation of Nursing Work


Koç Üniversitesi Hemşirelik Yüksek Okulu, İstanbul

Journal of Education and Research in Nursing 2010; 7: 3-5
Read: 587 Downloads: 332 Published: 01 April 2010

For most people nursing work is poorly understood. Definitions of nursing are also elusive and often based on what nurses do. This approach is now seen as inadequate because what nurses ‘do’ is determined by circumstances, which change over time. What is now generally accepted is the fact nursing is responsible for defining nurses’ roles and scope of practice. However, while nurses, should define, monitor and evaluate their roles and scope of practice, they must take into account views of governments, employers, changing public expectations and changes in the practice of other health professionals. In other words nurses must understand that the profession operates within a social, economic and political context in which nursing is a valuable but not powerful player. They must find new ways to deal with old issues such as the theory-practice gap, autonomy, specialization, credentialism and multidisciplinary practice.

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