Journal of Education and
Research in Nursing

Sexual Health and Nursing Approaches in Menopausal Period


Department of Nursing, Ankara University Faculty of Nursing, Ankara, Turkey


Kastamonu Training and Research Hospital, Kastamonu, Turkey

Journal of Education and Research in Nursing 2022; 19: 244-249
DOI: 10.5152/jern.2021.08068
Read: 25 Downloads: 13 Published: 01 June 2022

The aim of this review is to reveal the effects of changes occurring during the menopausal period on sexual health and nursing approaches to it. During this period, changes in vaso- motor, genitourinary, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular system, and skin and body percep- tion are observed. As a result of these changes, decreased sexual desire and motivation, coital difficulty, dyspareunia, vaginismus, avoidance of sexual intercourse, libido, orgasm, and lubrication problems may occur. Education, which includes regular and balanced nutri- tion, adequate sleep and rest, regular physical activity, Kegel exercises, and communication with a partner, is among the important nursing approaches to improving sexual health. Upon the increase in life expectancy, since women spend a third of their lives in the menopausal period, approaches to improving sexual health during this period will contribute to improving the quality of their life.

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