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Nursing Care of the People with Physical Disabilities Undergoing Flap Surgery: A Case Report


Department of Medical Services and Techniques— Anesthesia Program, Yüksek İhtisas University Vocational School of Health Services, Ankara Turkey


Department of Nursing, Eastern Mediterranean University Faculty of Health Sciences, Famagusta, North Cyprus

Journal of Education and Research in Nursing 2022; 19: 275-282
DOI: 10.5152/jern.2022.70487
Read: 88 Downloads: 37 Published: 01 June 2022

Nursing care provided to persons with disabilities is vital as healthcare needs of these indi- viduals are higher than other patients. This case report presented information on nursing care provided before and after flap surgery to a 30-year-old male with physical disability due to the fall from height when he was 22 years old. The patient was admitted to the hos- pital due to a burn wound that occurred 2.5 years ago, which resulted in loss of sensation in his left foot. Based on the tomography results, flap surgery was planned for the wound site. In addition to urinary incontinence, constipation, and neurological problems caused by spinal cord injury, the patient suffered from anxiety and pain due to flap surgery, which, in turn, increased his need for care. We conducted face-to-face interviews and used Gordon’s functional health patterns model to identify the patient needs so that the best patient care could be provided. This model guides the health professionals to collect systematic and standardized data on 11 functional health patterns.

Cite this article as: Kolçak B, Taştan S. Nursing care of the people with physical disabilities undergoing flap surgery: A case report. J Educ Res Nurs. 2022;19(2):275-282.

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