Journal of Education and
Research in Nursing

Change in Nursing Education: Mobile-Based Learning Approaches


Department of Nursing, Ondokuz Mayıs University Faculty of Health Sciences, Samsun, Turkey

Journal of Education and Research in Nursing 2022; 19: 123-127
DOI: 10.5152/jern.2022.29053
Read: 297 Downloads: 189 Published: 01 March 2022

Coronavirus disease-2019 pandemic, causing outbreaks in all countries as well as Turkey, has affected the education system and has drawn attention to the importance of making preparations to integrate the distance education process with the use of mobile technology. Mobile learning is one of the methods that takes the educational process beyond physical limits, supports lifelong learning regardless of time and place, and provides ease of access to learning materials and learning. Accordingly, it is inevitable to restructure nursing education in line with technological developments and changes and to benefit from different learning methods and approaches. In this review article, the advantages and disadvantages of mobile learning in nursing education in the world and in our country were discussed in line with the literature information.

Cite this article as: Masat Harbali S, Koç Z. Change in nursing education: mobile-based learning approaches. J Educ Res Nurs. 2022;19(1):123-127.

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